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Radxa Community Updates - Weeks 10-11

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Windows installation guide for ROCK 5B is available now!!!โ€‹

User DarkevilPT successfully installed the window system on ROCK 5B, the installation steps refer to ROCK 5B Installation Window Guide


How to use and setup openFyde OS on ROCK 5Bโ€‹

User DarkevilPT installed openFyde OS on ROCK 5B, including how to play Android games and install Linux containers.

The installation steps can be viewed from user DarkevilPT on the Radxa Community Forum.


Amiga 3000 mini for Radxa Rock 5Bโ€‹

User Jodels2002 designed an Amiga 3000 case with amiROCK images with Amiga look and feel on ROCK5B.

Amiga 3000 mini

Amiga 3000 mini