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Radxa Community Updates - Weeks 14-15

· 4 min read

UOS Operating System Now Supported on ROCK 5B

Radxa User: MoMo

UOS Operating System

Great news for ROCK 5B board users! The ROCK 5B is now compatible with UOS, an advanced operating system optimized for performance and efficiency. This exciting development opens up a new realm of possibilities for ROCK 5B users, providing them with access to the powerful features and capabilities of the UOS operating system.

With UOS running on the ROCK 5B board, users can benefit from a seamless and enhanced computing experience, leveraging the board's impressive hardware capabilities. UOS offers a user-friendly interface, robust security features, and a wide range of applications to cater to various needs and use cases.

Stay tuned for more updates and discover the limitless potential of running UOS on the ROCK 5B board, elevating your computing experience to new heights.

ROCK 5B Image Released with Deep Learning Frameworks and NPU Drivers

Deep Learning

Exciting news for AI and deep learning enthusiasts! The ROCK 5B now boasts a cutting-edge image that comes preloaded with popular deep learning frameworks and NPU (Neural Processing Unit) drivers. This all-inclusive image offers developers a seamless and efficient platform to dive into advanced AI projects and unleash the full potential of the ROCK 5B board.

With the deep learning frameworks and NPU drivers readily available on the ROCK 5B image, developers can effortlessly implement complex AI algorithms, accelerate model training, and optimize inference processes. This significant enhancement opens up a world of possibilities for AI-driven applications and research.

ROCK 5B Now Supports Android TV

Radxa User: mo123

Android TV

Exciting news for ROCK 5B users! The ROCK 5B board is now fully compatible with Android TV, bringing a whole new level of entertainment and smart TV capabilities to the platform.

With Android TV support, ROCK 5B users can enjoy a seamless and user-friendly interface, access a wide range of popular streaming apps, and transform their board into a feature-rich smart TV device. This advancement opens up endless possibilities for multimedia consumption, gaming, and content streaming, all powered by the ROCK 5B's impressive hardware capabilities.

Experience the versatility and convenience of Android TV on the ROCK 5B board, and elevate your TV viewing and entertainment experience like never before.

Kali Linux XFCE Now Available for Radxa ROCK Pi 4 SE

Great news for Radxa ROCK Pi 4 SE users! The popular Kali Linux operating system now offers a dedicated XFCE version specifically tailored for the Radxa Rock Pi 4 SE board.

Kali Linux XFCE for Radxa ROCK Pi 4 SE combines the robust security testing and penetration tools of Kali Linux with the lightweight and efficient XFCE desktop environment. This powerful combination provides users with a resource-friendly and high-performance platform for conducting security assessments and penetration tests.

With Kali Linux XFCE, Radxa ROCK Pi 4 SE users can harness the full potential of their board, seamlessly navigating through a user-friendly interface while utilizing Kali Linux's comprehensive suite of security tools.

Hollow Knight & Sandered Linux x86_64 on ROCK 5B RK3588 with BOX64

BOX64 is a linux x86_64 userspace emualtor, it's ARM64 ONLY (ARM 64 bits); we need a 64 bit arm system.

Exciting gaming developments for ROCK 5B RK3588 users! The popular games Hollow Knight and Sandered are now playable on the ROCK 5B RK3588 board, thanks to the implementation of BOX64.

BOX64 is an ingenious x86-to-ARM dynamic translator that enables running x86_64 Linux applications on ARM-based devices like ROCK 5B RK3588. With BOX64's support, users can enjoy smooth and seamless gameplay of Hollow Knight and Sandered, offering an immersive gaming experience on the powerful RK3588 board.

The introduction of BOX64 opens the door to a whole new world of gaming possibilities on ARM platforms. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as the ROCK 5B RK3588 community continues to explore and expand its gaming capabilities.