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Radxa Community Updates - Weeks 18-19

· 3 min read

3D Printed A Case For ROCK 5B

ROCK 5B Case

A talented enthusiast has unveiled an impressive achievement in the form of a custom 3D-printed case for the ROCK 5B board. Taking matters into their own hands, the individual skillfully designed and printed a unique enclosure tailored specifically for the ROCK 5B.

The 3D-printed case not only offers a stylish and personalized touch to the board but also provides practical protection and aesthetics for the device. This innovative solution showcases the versatility and creativity of the ROCK 5B community.

With this new 3D-printed case option, ROCK 5B users now have a fantastic way to enhance their board's appearance and safeguard it from potential damage, all thanks to the passion and ingenuity of fellow enthusiasts.

Adventures with external GPU card + Gen 3 PCIe

A passionate tech enthusiast has embarked on an intriguing journey, exploring the remarkable features of the RK3588, particularly its PCIe controller with Gen3 X4 link support. The enthusiast's forthcoming project prompted an idea to test the controller's capabilities by integrating an external GPU card—a Radeon R7 520 (XFX R7 250 low-profile) card, to be precise.

Inspired by the work of Jeff Geerling with RPI CM4 and the tantalizing glimpse of a working GPU in a Radxa tweet, the enthusiast set out to assess the RK3588's potential limitations and possibilities. To facilitate this test, an M.2 Key M Extender Cable to PCIE x16 Graphics Card Riser Adapter was used along with an old LR1007 120W 12VDC ATX board for powering the card.

Unlocking Steam Gaming on Radxa ROCK 5B: Guide to Running Stardew Valley

ROCK 5B Game

the Radxa ROCK 5B is now capable of running Steam using Box64/Box86, offering a pathway to enjoy Steam gaming on ARM boards.

In this comprehensive guide, users will be taken through the process of setting up Steam on the Radxa ROCK 5B and running Stardew Valley—an immersive game experience that can be achieved with some tinkering. However, it's essential to manage expectations, as there is no native ARM client for Steam, and emulation with instruction translation is utilized. Additionally, users may encounter library issues for certain games, requiring some adjustments.

The guide is specifically tailored for Armbian running the Ubuntu Jammy variant with the Gnome desktop installed (rolling support status). Please note that official Radxa distributions may lack 3D support for this purpose. The focus remains on this specific setup, and the guide is not intended for other Linux flavors or distributions.

With a passion for showcasing the capabilities of Radxa ROCK 5B and offering a thrilling gaming experience, this guide presents a straightforward approach for interested users to follow.

Let the gaming journey begin! Dive into the world of Steam gaming on Radxa ROCK 5B and experience Stardew Valley like never before.