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Radxa Community Updates - Weeks 22-23

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Penkesu Support Radxa Zero


The Penkēsu (Japanese: ペンケース) is a retro-style handheld device powered by a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W, a 7.9 inch widescreen display (1280 x 400 resolution), and a 48-key ortholinear mechanical keyboard.

The enclosure of the Penkesu Computer is designed around the display and keyboard to ensure (relatively) compact physical dimensions.

Repurposed Gameboy Advance SP hinges and a ribbon cable for HDMI are used to keep the hinge design thin, yet they hold the weight of the display so that it won't tip over.

Electronics are intentionally kept minimal (3 internal components) and most of the parts are either 3D printable or available as off-the-shelf products.