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Small in size, full in features

  • Rockchip RK3308B

    Rockchip RK3308B

  • 100M Ethernet

    100M Ethernet

  • BT4


  • WIFI 4

    WiFi 4

Radxa ROCK Pi S

A Compact and Cost-Effective 1.7x1.7-inch Mini SBC

SoC: Rockchip RK3308B
CPU: Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A35

up to 1.0GHz

Versatile Memory and eMMC Configuration Choices

Optional DDR3 RAM: 256MB / 512MB

Optional Onboard eMMC: 0GB / 4GB / 8GB

RAM and eMMC

Interface Details

  • Micro SD Card Slot

    Utilized for Mass Storage and OS Boot

    Micro SD Card Slot
  • Optional Onboard eMMC

    Maximize Storage and OS Boot Efficiency

    eMMC 5.1 Compatibility

    Optional Onboard eMMC
  • Optional OnBoard Wireless Module

    Support WiFi4 and BT4 with an External Antenna Connector

    Optional OnBoard Wireless Module
  • 100M Ethernet with PoE Support

    One network cable supports power supply and networking

    100M Ethernet with PoE Support
  • USB Ports

    1x USB 2.0 HOST Type-A Port

    1x USB 2.0 OTG Type-C Port for Power and Data

    USB Ports
  • 2x 26 User GPIO
    Supporting various interface options

    4x I2C

    3x PWM

    2x SPI

    3x UART

    1x I2S

    2x 5V DC power in

    2x 3.3V DC power in

    2x 26 User GPIO

Comprehensive Technical Documentation,
Active Community, and Extensive OS Support

  • Comprehensive Technical Documentation and Active Community!

    Comprehensive Technical Documentation and Active Community!

    Radxa provides comprehensive technical documentation, empowering users to fully utilize their products. At the same time, they actively maintain an engaged community, fostering communication and collaboration among users.

  • Extensive Open-Source OS Support

    Extensive Open-Source OS Support

    Experience comprehensive support for a diverse range of open-source operating systems on our SBCs. In addition to Radxa's backing, we actively collaborate with third-party OS organizations, providing you with an extensive selection of options. Empower your projects with exceptional versatility and innovation as you discover both Radxa and third-party supported OS choices here.

Buy Radxa ROCK Pi S

Radxa ROCK Pi S

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