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Radxa CM5 Launch

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Radxa CM5

We are excited to announce the official release of the Radxa CM5, our latest high-performance compute module. Developed on the Rockchip RK3588S2 and RK3582 SoCs, the Radxa CM5 is designed to offer unparalleled power and flexibility to users. We anticipate it will excel in a variety of demanding applications, including but not limited to edge computing, deep learning, and embedded system development.

Here are the main differences between the Radxa CM5 and the Radxa CM5 Lite:

SpecRadxa CM5Radxa CM5 Lite
SoCRockchip RK3588S2Rockchip RK3582
CPUQuad ARM Cortex®-A76 and Quad ARM Cortex®-A55Dual ARM Cortex®-A76 and Quad ARM Cortex®-A55
MultimediaH.265 and VP9 decoder by 8K@60fps, H.264 decoder by 8K@30fps, AV1 decoder by 4K@60fps, H.264 and H.265 encoder by 8K@30fpsH.264 and H.265 encoder by 4K@60fps

Continuous Evolution

Since the development of the Radxa CM5 began, we have been actively listening to community feedback and continuously improving our product. In the latest V2.21 version, we paid special attention to user demand for onboard eMMC. As a result, compared to the initial release, V2.21 introduces an eMMC storage option, aiming to support applications that require faster data access speeds and increased storage reliability. Additionally, we have significantly enhanced the hardware compatibility of the module. Now, the Radxa CM5 can not only seamlessly integrate with our existing accessory ecosystem but also work with a broader range of third-party development boards and IO expansion boards. These advancements make the Radxa CM5 one of the most flexible and compatible compute modules on the market.

Expanded Compatibility

The design philosophy of the Radxa CM5 has always centered around compatibility and user-friendliness. We are proud to announce that the Radxa CM5 is now compatible with leading hardware platforms in the industry, including the CM5 IO Board, Super 6c, and the RPi CM4 IO Board. This expanded compatibility ensures that the Radxa CM5 can be effortlessly integrated into the existing Raspberry Pi ecosystem while also providing additional options for developers who want to leverage the capabilities of modern processors. Whether for rapid prototyping or deployment in production environments, the extensive compatibility of the Radxa CM5 simplifies the development process and accelerates project implementation.

Designed for GPU-free Requirements -- Radxa CM5 Lite

For scenarios that do not require GPU acceleration, the Radxa CM5 Lite offers an ideal solution. Although it lacks a GPU, this does not hinder its excellent performance in pure computational tasks, particularly in edge computing, industrial automation, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The design of the Radxa CM5 Lite takes into account cost-effectiveness and power consumption optimization, making it a perfect choice for running a variety of applications in GPU-less environments. Whether for data processing, intelligent control, or serving as a lightweight server, the CM5 Lite delivers stable and efficient performance.

User Case: Handheld Gaming Console

The impressive power and versatility of the Radxa CM5 make it an ideal candidate for a variety of innovative projects. A prime example is its application in the development of handheld gaming devices. Thanks to its high-performance processor and graphic capabilities, gaming enthusiasts can enjoy a smooth gaming experience, even when playing graphically intensive and complex games. The compact size and capabilities of the CM5 make it a perfect core for handheld devices. You can view this user case on Twitter at StonedEdge.

Radxa CM5 IO Board

When paired with the specially designed Radxa CM5 IO Board, the Radxa CM5 provides a complete development platform that makes accessing and testing Radxa's rich array of accessories straightforward. We encourage users to visit the Radxa CM5 IO Board page to learn more about the details of compatible accessories and how to fully harness the potential of the CM5 module for their custom projects. This powerful combination offers hardware developers unprecedented flexibility, whether for rapid prototyping or mass production, the Radxa CM5 and its IO Board can meet your needs.

Special Time-limited Discount

Radxa CM5 is now available at an introductory special price. Whether you're looking for a cost-effective solution for your project or you need a higher specification of performance, the Radxa CM5 series has got you covered.

For budget-conscious applications that do not require a GPU, the CM5 Lite offers three configurations at the following prices:

  • 4GB RAM + 32GB eMMC for $55.00
  • 8GB RAM + 64GB eMMC for $75.00
  • 16GB RAM + 128GB eMMC for $90.00

For users in need of more powerful performance, the CM5 series also offers three different configurations to support more complex applications and projects:

  • 4GB RAM + 32GB eMMC for $69.00
  • 8GB RAM + 64GB eMMC for $89.00
  • 16GB RAM + 128GB eMMC for $105.00

Radxa CM5 Leaflet

Radxa CM5 Lite Leaflet