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Camera 4K

Ultra HD Clarity, Visual Breakthrough

Detail Unleashed: SONY IMX415 Sensor.

8 millionpixels


Support Output

Compatible with ROCK 5A / 5B


  • Strong Low-Light Performance

    Equipped with SONY's STARVIS technology, this sensor can capture clear images in low light conditions, making it ideal for night surveillance.

  • High Frame Rate

    The IMX415 can reach a maximum frame rate of 90 frames per second, allowing it to capture fast-moving scenes such as vehicles or pedestrians.

(High dynamic range)HDR

(HDR) High Dynamic Range refers to an image processing technique that increases the dynamic range of an image in a camera or monitor to produce more realistic colors and details.


  • Industrial Camera

  • Smart Access Control System

  • Monitoring Devices

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Radxa Camera 4K

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