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ROCK 5B Metal Case

Heatsink and Protective Case Two in One

ROCK 5B Tailor-Made

Seamlessly Matched and Perfectly Adapted to ROCK 5B

Perfectly Cooling, Perfectly Integrated.

Maintain the Stable Operation of ROCK 5B with High Performance

  • 01

    Metal Case specially sets aluminum heat conduction columns for SoC to achieve rapid cooling, keep the device stable and prolong the service life.

  • 02

    The aluminum cooling fin design increases the heat dissipation area through the fin design, and quickly conducts the heat generated by the SoC to the surface of the heat dissipation box.


The unique design of the bottom cover sets the ROCK 5B Metal Case apart and provides efficient thermal protection for your SSD. The thermal capacity of the bottom cover always ensures that your SSD maintains excellent performance.

Strong Protection Performance

Robust Structure to Avoid External Mechanical Damage

Installation Guidance

  • Package List

    1x Metal Case
    1x Side Cover (Ethernet Side)
    1x Side Cover (Micro SD Card Slot Side)
    1x Base Plate
    4x M2x8 Screws
    4x M3x6 Screws
    1x Thermally Conductive Paste

  • Steps 01

    Apply a small amount of thermal conductive paste to both the cylindrical section of the heatsink enclosure and the SoC location on the ROCK 5B.

  • Steps 02

    Secure the ROCK 5B to the base plate
    using M3 x 6 screws.

  • Steps 03

    Insert the side cover with Ethernet and HDMI ports into the metal case enclosure.

  • Steps 04

    After installing the base plate with the ROCK 5B attached to it into the heatsink case, insert the side cover with the TF card slot into the metal case.

  • Steps 05

    Secure the base plate using M2 x 8 screws.

  • Antenna Installation Tip

    Antenna installation, as shown in Figure.

  • SSD Installation Tip

    Apply Thermally Conductive Silicone for the SSD, ensuring a thickness of at least 3mm.

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Radxa ROCK 5B Metal Case

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