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Mini Network Titan

  • RK3528A

  • 4K Decoding

  • Gigabit Ethernet

  • Aluminum Alloy Case

Hardware Features

  1. CPU

    Quad-core ARM Cortex-A53


  3. GPU

    ARM Mali-450

  4. Onboard eMMC


H.264, H.265 and AVS2 decoder by 4Kx2K@60fps

H.264 and H.265 encoder by 1920x1080@60fps

Love at First Use with a Sleek Design

Aluminum Alloy Case

  1. Excellent
    Thermal Conductivity

  2. Exquisite
    Diamond-Cut Design

  3. Unique
    CD Pattern Screws

  4. High

Exploded Diagram

Chocolate Black

Moonlight Silver

Top Shell

Radxa E20C

Bottom Cover

Dual Gigabit Ethernet Ports

Experience Full Gigabit Ethernet Bandwidth

Experience Full Gigabit Ethernet BandwidthCharts

Equipped with Essential Interfaces

MicroSD Card SlotBack ViewBack View

Support for iStore OS, OpenWrt and Debian

Widely Applicable in
Home Network Gateways, Smart Home Hubs, and Enterprise Network Gateways

  1. Home Network Gateways

    Home Network Gateways

  2. Enterprise Network Gateway

    Enterprise Network Gateway

  3. Smart Home Hubs

    Smart Home Hubs

Build Your Personal Server
with a Vast Array of Applications

Make File Management Simple and Efficient

Mount Multiple Cloud Drives with Alist

Front View

Rapidly Iterate and Deploy Your Innovative Projects

Flow Chart

Comprehensive Technical Documentation,
Active Community, and Extensive OS Support

  • Comprehensive Technical Documentation and Active Community!

    Comprehensive Technical Documentation and Active Community!

    Radxa provides comprehensive technical documentation, empowering users to fully utilize their products. At the same time, they actively maintain an engaged community, fostering communication and collaboration among users.

  • Extensive Open-Source OS Support

    Extensive Open-Source OS Support

    Experience comprehensive support for a diverse range of open-source operating systems on our SBCs. In addition to Radxa's backing, we actively collaborate with third-party OS organizations, providing you with an extensive selection of options. Empower your projects with exceptional versatility and innovation as you discover both Radxa and third-party supported OS choices here.

Buy Radxa E20C

Radxa E20C

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E20C Works with

  • Radxa Power PD 30W

    Radxa Power PD 30W

    5A High Current Super Fast Charge