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Redroid running on ROCK 5B

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What is Redroid ?

ReDroid (Remote anDroid) is a GPU accelerated AIC (Android In Cloud) solution. You can boot many instances in Linux host (Docker, podman, k8s etc.). redroid supports both arm64 and amd64 architectures. ReDroid is suitable for Cloud Gaming, Virtualise Phones, Automation Test and more.

How to running on ROCK 5B

ROCK 5B user ZHZ shows in his blog how he got Redroid running on the ROCK 5B.Link to original article

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First of all, the kernel should ensure that ANDROID_BINDERFS, ASHMEM, PSI are enabled.

Refer to archwikianbox page use binderfs way to open support, ashmem do not know why can not be added as a module, here directly enable.

scripts/config --enable CONFIG_ASHMEM scripts/config --enable CONFIG_ANDROID scripts/config --enable CONFIG_ANDROID_BINDER_IPC scripts/config --enable CONFIG_ANDROID_BINDERFS scripts/config --set-str CONFIG_ANDROID_BINDER_DEVICES "" scripts/config --enable CONFIG_PSI

Write the kernel parameters according to the wiki and mount binderfs.

docker run

image: chisbread/rk3588-gaming:redroid-firefly
image source:malior-redroid | 容器虚拟安卓 — Firefly Wiki (

docker run -itd --rm --privileged \
--pull always
-v /data:/data
-p 5555:5555


Here the QtScrcpy connection is used. result_play_yuanshen