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Radxa OEM / ODM service

Turning an idea into reality can be a simple process

Customization Advantages

Customization Type

  • Hardware Customization
  • Software Customization
  • Commissioned Production
  • Testing and Certification
  • level 1

    Use off-the-shelf PCBs, no need to re-certify

    Tailored solutions based on existing Radxa products

    Pre-flashing customer images before shipping

    Removing unused components to reduce costs

    No new compliance required

    No NRE (Non-Recurring Engineering) costs; minimum order of 500pcs or total order value> $50,000

  • level 2

    No change in functional design, replacement of materials, the need to redo the certification

    Customizations based on existing Radxa products

    Personalized PCB logo and customer SKU

    Changes to pin-compatible materials, such as Wi-Fi speed or expanded operating temperature range

    New compliance may be required

    No NRE costs; minimum order of 500pcs or total order value > $50,000

  • level 3

    Custom base plate design

    Solutions based on existing Radxa SoM (System on Module) or Compute Module

    NRE costs apply

    Compliance handled on behalf of the customer

  • level 4

    Completely re-customized

    Fully custom SoM or Single Board designs

    NRE costs apply

    Industrial and mechanical design services

    Catering to other unique requirements

Customization Workflow

  • 01Initial Inquiry and Requirement Confirmation

    1.Customers submit an inquiry outlining their specific needs and project requirements.

    2.Radxa's team communicates with the customer to clarify and confirm all details.

  • 02Feasibility Analysis

    Radxa's engineering team conducts a thorough analysis to assess the feasibility of the project, identifying potential challenges and solutions.

  • 03Product/Solution Configuration Proposal

    Based on the confirmed requirements and feasibility analysis, Radxa's team presents a tailored product or solution proposal for the customer's review and approval.

  • 06Design Review and Approval

    Radxa's engineers create detailed designs and plans for the product, which are submitted to the customer for review and approval.

  • 05Contract Signing and NRE (Non-Recurring Engineering) Collection

    The customer and Radxa sign a contract outlining project terms, conditions, and deliverables. The customer pays the NRE fee to initiate the project.

  • 04Quotation and Quantity Confirmation

    Radxa provides a detailed quotation, including pricing and estimated lead times. The customer confirms the order quantity and any other specific requirements.

  • 07Engineering Prototype Development and Testing

    Radxa develops engineering prototypes based on the approved designs and conducts rigorous testing to ensure functionality, reliability, and compliance with industry standards.

  • 08Customer Feedback and Revisions (if necessary)

    The customer reviews the prototypes and provides feedback. If required, Radxa makes any necessary revisions and resubmits for approval.

  • 09Mass Production

    Once the final prototype is approved, Radxa commences mass production, adhering to strict quality control measures and timelines.

  • 12After-Sale Service and Support

    Radxa offers ongoing after-sale support, addressing any customer concerns, providing technical assistance, and ensuring overall customer satisfaction.

  • 11Shipment and Delivery

    Upon completion of production and quality assurance, Radxa ships the finished products to the customer, providing tracking information and updates throughout the delivery process.

  • 10Quality Control and Assurance

    Radxa conducts thorough quality checks throughout the production process, ensuring that each unit meets the agreed-upon specifications and quality standards.

Cooperation Model

Choose the right service model for your project, and let Radxa deliver tailored solutions that align with your specific needs and goals.

  • Talent Outsourcing

    Our talent outsourcing service provides you with access to our skilled and experienced engineers who can support your project development. Benefit from their extensive knowledge and expertise in hardware design and software development, while maintaining control over your core business processes.

  • IP Licensing

    Radxa offers intellectual property (IP) licensing opportunities, allowing you to integrate our proprietary technologies and designs into your own products. By leveraging our proven solutions, you can accelerate development timelines, minimize risks, and ensure a higher level of product quality.

  • ODM

    (Original Design Manufacturing)

    As an Original Design Manufacturer, Radxa can create custom product designs based on your specific requirements. From concept to mass production, our team will work closely with you to develop a product that meets your performance, cost, and quality objectives, while ensuring full compliance with industry standards.

  • OEM

    (Original Equipment Manufacturing)

    Our Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) services allow you to outsource the production of your products to Radxa, enabling you to focus on marketing and selling. We will handle the entire manufacturing process, including sourcing components, assembly, testing, and packaging, ensuring high-quality products delivered on time and on budget.

Customization Inquiry Form

The more clearly you describe the information, the faster the related follow-up communication will be

Service Model: