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Radxa official website upgrade

ยท 2 min read

Over the past period of time, our colleagues Vicky and XZQ have worked together to design and update Radxa's official website.

We hope to bring you a better experience with this new website. And by the way, we have also designed a new documentation site at with source code hosted on GitHub, where all users can send PR and contribute your content.

We sincerely hope that these will bring Radxa users a better experience:

  • Clearer presentation of the product line
  • Now it is possible to find documents more quickly
  • Contacting us has become easier
  • Our product detail pages have become more beautiful and easy to read
  • You can now submit your documentation on Github to help all Radxa users (leave your name so that others can admire you)
  • Buying Radxa products from resellers has become easier
  • More elegant details


A big thank you must be given to all the users of the community. It is your love that has made Radxa grow over the past time.

Radxa sincerely hopes that the relationship with its users will remain close! It is the users' love and communication that makes Radxa persist in these areas of SBC and SOM.

We are honored and proud that our interest has become our job and that this job makes you happy who share our interest.

Our website leaves you unsatisfiedโ€‹

Leave your suggestions for changes in our "" on GitHub

Our website makes you feel greatโ€‹

Leave your Compliments in our "" on GitHub


Enjoy the New Radxa official website!!!