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25W PoE+ HAT

Single Cable for Networking and Power Supply

25W PoE+ HAT

Two-in-One Network and Power Supply

Compatible with ROCK 3A / ROCK 3B / ROCK 3C / ROCK 4C+ / ROCK 5A / ROCK 5B

Power connector schematic
Network and Power Supply

Network and Power Supply

Compliant with IEEE 802.3at Standards

Significantly streamlines the complexity of network cabling and power management.


IEEE 802.3at

PoE Standard


Up to 25W

Safety and Reliability

Enhanced Heat Dissipation Efficiency

The Radxa 25W PoE+ HAT comes equipped with a programmable cooling fan and temperature sensor
Delivering an airflow of 1.45 CFM to help you achieve exceptional processor cooling performance.

Enhanced Heat Dissipation Efficiency

Quick and Easy Installation

  • Steps 01
    Package List

    Package List

    • ・ 1x Radxa 25W PoE+ HAT with cooling fan
    • ・ 4x M2.5 x 5 mm Copper Pillars
    • ・ 4x M2.5 x 9 mm Copper Pillars
    • ・ 4x M2.5 x 4 mm Copper Pillars
  • Steps 02
    Schematic diagram of the second step

    AccessPass four M2.5 x 4 Copper Pillars through the four positioning holes of Radxa SBCs, and individually secure them to M2.5 x 9 Copper Pillars to ensure a sturdy fixation.

  • Steps 03
    Schematic diagram of the third step

    Align the Radxa 25W PoE+ HAT with the PoE interface and the 40-Pin interface, and insert it carefully, ensuring that it passes through the 4 x M2.5 x 9 Copper Pillars.

  • Steps 04
    Step 4 Schematic

    On top of the Radxa 25W PoE+ HAT, align the four M2.5 x 4 Copper Pillars with the four M2.5 x 9 Copper Pillars, then secure them by rotating them into place.

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Radxa 25W PoE+ HAT

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25W PoE+ HAT Works with

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