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A Feature Rich Industrial Embedded SoM


Ensuring Stable Long-Term Operation
with High Anti-Interference

CM3I fron view

Wide Temperature Adaptability

-40 ~ 85 °C

  • Wide Temperature

    Wide Temperature

  • Stable Operation

    Stable Operation

  • Low Power

    Low Power

Industrial-Grade SoC
Rockchip RK3568J

Industrial-Grade SoC Rockchip RK3568J

4K Ultra HD Display with Multi-Monitor Support

4K Ultra HD Display with Multi-Monitor Support
  • 4KP60 H.265 / H.264 / VP9 video decoder
  • 1080P60 H.264 / H.265 video encoder
  • Support 8M ISP, support HDR

4x 100-Pin B2B Connector for
Rich Functionality

Connectivity Interface

  • 2 x USB 2.0 Host
  • 1 x USB 3.0 HOST
  • 1 x USB 3.0 OTG port
  • 1 x PCIe 1-lane Host, Gen 2 ( 5Gbps )
  • 1 x PCIe 2-lane Host, Gen 3 (16Gbps)
  • 3 x SATA ports
  • one shared with USB 3 HOST
  • one shared with PCIe
  • one shared with USB 3 OTG

Display Interface

  • 1x HDMI up to 4K x 2K@60HZ
  • 1x eDP four lanes, 2.7Gps per lane
  • 2x MIPI DSI four lanes, 1.6Gbps per lane
  • 1x LVDS four lanes(muxed with MIPI DSI0)

Audio Interface

  • I2S
  • PDM, support mic array

Robust and User-Friendly
Durable and Easy-to-Disassemble B2B Connectors

The design incorporates a locking mechanism for a secure connection to the baseboard, ensuring enhanced
durability and greater stability

B2B Connectors view

up to

"3000" times

Insertion times


Pin spacing

Streamlined Validation and Interface Testing

Comprehensive Validation and Easy Interface Testing with Radxa CM3I IO Board

Streamlined Validation and Interface Testing

Comprehensive Technical Documentation,
Active Community, and Extensive OS Support

  • Comprehensive Technical Documentation and Active Community!

    Comprehensive Technical Documentation and Active Community!

    Radxa provides comprehensive technical documentation, empowering users to fully utilize their products. At the same time, they actively maintain an engaged community, fostering communication and collaboration among users.

  • Extensive Open-Source OS Support

    Extensive Open-Source OS Support

    Experience comprehensive support for a diverse range of open-source operating systems on our SBCs. In addition to Radxa's backing, we actively collaborate with third-party OS organizations, providing you with an extensive selection of options. Empower your projects with exceptional versatility and innovation as you discover both Radxa and third-party supported OS choices here.


Quality Assurance and
Long-Term Supply and Maintenance


Stringent Testing, Pursuing Excellence in Quality

A standardized manufacturing process, from component procurement and surface mounting to final production, undergoes multiple rigorous tests to ensure strict quality control.

  • Advanced Manufacturing

    Advanced Manufacturing

  • Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance

  • Premium Materials

    Premium Materials


Million-Level Shipment Quality Assurance and Supply Chain Optimization

With annual shipments of Radxa-related products in the millions, our supply chain has been optimized for large-scale production with quality assurance. By choosing Radxa's design services, customers can enjoy cost-effective and reliable quality guarantees.

  • Steady Supply

    Steady Supply

  • Automated Production

    Automated Production

  • Timely Logistics

    Timely Logistics

Buy Radxa CM3I

Radxa CM3I

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CM3I Works with

  • Radxa Heatsink 7012B

    Radxa Heatsink 7012B

    Specialized for Radxa CM3I

  • Radxa CM3I IO Board

    Radxa CM3I IO Board

    an Application Board for Radxa CM3I