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8K Single Board Computer with Quad Display


Faster CPU Performance

Quad Core A76 and Quad Core A55

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  • Quad Core


  • Quad Core


advanced process

Large RAM

Running Multiple Apps at the same time


Powerful GPU

Mali G610MP4 GPU (up to 5 channel 4k UI) 8K 10bit decoder, 8K encoder

Dedicated NPU

Build-in NPU supports INT4/INT8/INT16/FP16 hybrid operation computing power is up to 6TOPs

Quad Video Signal Output

8K offers four times the clarity of 4K.

Support HDMI Input
Support 8K Output

Fast and Stable

2.5G High-Speed Ethernet with PoE support

Support for Multiple Systems

Buy Radxa ROCK 5B

Radxa ROCK 5B

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ROCK 5B Works with

  • Radxa FPC Cable

    Radxa FPC Cable

    Camera 8M 219 on ROCK 5

  • Radxa Display 8 HD

    Radxa Display 8 HD

    An All-in-One Touchscreen Module

  • Radxa Display 10 FHD

    Radxa Display 10 FHD

    10-inch FHD Touchscreen Module

  • Radxa Power PD 30W

    Radxa Power PD 30W

    5A High Current Super Fast Charge

  • Radxa Camera 4K

    Radxa Camera 4K

    IMX 415

  • Radxa Camera 8M 219

    Radxa Camera 8M 219

    IMX 219

  • Radxa eMMC USB3 Reader

    Radxa eMMC USB3 Reader

    Fast and Efficient Data Transfer

  • Radxa Wireless Module A8

    Radxa Wireless Module A8

    WiFi 6 + BT 5.2 Dual Mode

  • Radxa M2 E Key to SATA Board

    Radxa M2 E Key to SATA Board

    SATA Expansion Board

  • Radxa eMMC Module

    Radxa eMMC Module

    Superior Performance, Storage Upgrade eMMC5.1

  • Radxa eMMC to uSD

    Radxa eMMC to uSD

    Small Module, Easy to Use

  • Radxa ROCK 5B Metal Case

    Radxa ROCK 5B Metal Case

    Heatsink and Protective Case Two in One

  • Radxa Heatsink 4012

    Radxa Heatsink 4012

    Excellent Heat Dissipation Performance

  • Radxa 25W PoE+ HAT

    Radxa 25W PoE+ HAT

    Single Cable for Networking and Power Supply