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Display 10 FHD

10-inch FHD Touchscreen Module

10.1 inch 1200 * 1920 Display

supports 10-point capacitive touch

One Cable for Power, Touch,
Rotation Detection and Display


Compatible withROCK 5A, ROCK 5B, ROCK 4C+, ROCK 3B

Built-in Gravity Sensor
Supports Automatic Screen Rotation

Android only at the moment, Linux wip ( work-in-progress )

Flexible Compatibility with Multiple SBC Sizes

The difference is the location of the copper pillars, others are the same.

Compatible with ROCK5A, ROCK4C+, ROCK 4A / 4B, ROCK 4A+ / 4B+, ROCK 4SE, ROCK 3C, ROCK 3A

Compatible with ROCK 5B, ROCK 3B

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Radxa Display 10 FHD

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